Black-floor maintenance was behind insider!

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Black-floor maintenance was behind insider!

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Dealers are free to the public complaints floor floor maintenance solution company disclosed customer information, floor maintenance solution company in the name of

the factory floor maintenance floor, took the opportunity to door selling inferior floor maintenance solution.
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198 yuan a bottle of floor maintenance solution costs only 10 yuan
Let's talk about this a few years in a floor care solution company work experience, Mr. Xue felt a little ashamed. Mr. Xue told reporters that he entered the company

in 2005, when the job can be described as hard-won, after layers of screening, articulate, he eventually became a salesman of the company. First into the company, Mr.

Xue for floor maintenance solution and the nature of their work is not understood, but simply thought he was a salesman. Before the formal appointment, Mr. Xue

received a so-called training companies, training content about the company in addition to the benefits of liquid floor maintenance and marketing tools, also told the

salesman must transform the identity of each door to door, they'll be a certain flooring manufacturers staff, one would then become a large home building materials

city employees. Meanwhile, in order to allow customers to think they are big companies a formal, door to door to pay attention when staff dress and manner of speaking.

"So many of the customer data is how to get it? The cost of a bottle of floor maintenance solution How much?" At that time, Mr. Xue this has a lot of doubts.
Buy a bottle of 198 yuan per floor maintenance solution, a salesman can get 10% commission to sell the more commission the proportion is higher. At that time, Mr. Xue

sell at least five or six bottles a day, four or five thousand dollars per month income, which makes Sit sense of accomplishment. But after some time, Mr. Xue slowly

discovered the shady industry, the company has several key sales, their job is to contact your dealer or the large floor home building materials market to buy their

customer data. The so-called advanced floor maintenance solution but some small chemical plant production of inferior products, cost less than 10 dollars. To do this,

just know you will feel some guilt when after Mr. Xue door to door. But after the company's training, his whole person seems to be brainwashed mind every day, only a

belief that more marketing, more money.
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Sit speaking, more than 90 percent of customers generally do not buy the second floor maintenance solution, and about 30 percent of the customers in the purchase and

maintenance solution will call the company complained, but the company simply ignore them. Customers find a floor distributor or home building materials market, they

will be informed on-site service is not their employees. If the customer complaints to the authorities, not below basic.
Media exposure business setback, the company changed the marketing strategy
Mr. Xue said the company's personnel structure is very simple: a boss, a responsible to negotiate the purchase of customer information clerk, two to collect customer

data Merchandiser units, sixty-seven telephone contact with customers home free to do maintenance Clerk of time, and more than 20 salesmen. Late last year, several

newspaper reports and the media frequently exposed to such tricks to Sit where the company greater impact, plus the time the property market slump, many small floor

maintenance solution companies have closed down. Sit and prospects where the company's confidence in the boss but then, he did not care for the media exposure. He said

that we do is one-shot deal, even one lie, a lot of people love because they are cheap, free home maintenance floor, who would refuse?
After the Spring Festival this year, with the property market, where Mr. Xue floor maintenance company was also the first time the rectification marketing strategy.

The strategy, a salesman still use the well-known identity of each mall staff to win customer trust, while taking advantage of cheap psychology to customers free home

doing floor maintenance, then induce customers to buy the product. But the company changed the product packaging, pricing is no longer fixed at 198 yuan per bottle,

but ranging from 178 yuan or 180 yuan. Customer data acquisition, the company is no longer satisfied with only the dealer to the floor, a large home building materials

market to buy, but to send a specialized salesman, went to the size of the furniture stores, home building materials market, home appliances market, supermarkets,

shopping malls (hereinafter referred to as the mall), and other related matters to negotiate the purchase of customer information.
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Earlier this year, Mr. Xue "promotion" and become responsible to negotiate the purchase of customer information deputy clerk, so he has repeatedly accompany clerk,

which is the company's second in command access to all shopping malls, public relations, Mr. Xue quite understand the shady. Mr. Xue told reporters that the company

this marketing strategy is to cooperate with the mall, when a customer payment, the cashier a coupon to produce to him, as long as customers fill out detailed personal

information, you can enjoy free home maintenance floor deals activities.
And to successfully obtain customer information, you need to layer up and down the mall "clearance", "clearance fee" based on the mall's size and grade to be. That is,

each customer fill out a single, cashier 5-10 yuan available, ranging from the commission, and director in charge of recovering the mall customer information to the

cashier, while single data label mall after the name of each single get 10 yuan to $ 20 commission, and the relevant person in charge of each of the stores to get

commissions ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 yuan each year.


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